IBERMAR is the Ibero-American network of integrated coastal zone management, initially sponsored by the Ibero-American program of science and technology for development (CYTED). In it, more than 200 researchers and managers, divided into groups from 16 different countries unite to work together on a common project.

General objective:

IBERMAR network is aimed to contribute to the fulfilment of global and regional commitments related to the Ibero-American marine and coastal space, and the use of abiotic resources and biodiversity through sustainability, signed by Ibero-American countries.

The network will promote approach between science and decision-making, reducing the divergence that traditionally exists between scientific knowledge (ecological, socio-economic and cultural) and management of coastal and marine public affairs. Finally, and in particular, to the need for participation joint authorities/managers, academia/research institutes, social movements, ownership and implementation of the integrated approach to the management and sustainable development of coastal Ibero-American space.

Specific objectives:

1. Establish the platform of interaction/coordination of the Ibero-American space, for the exchange of knowledge and experiences aimed at integrated coastal management.

2. Formulate, agree on a regional scale, and propose to the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIB), the establishment of the Ibero-American programme for cooperation and scientific and technological transfer in integrated coastal zone management, as official program of cooperation in the region.

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