Neuropsychopharmacology and Psychobiology Research Group and Psychobiology

Esther M. Berrocoso Domínguez

  • Study of correlations between depression and pain by means of neuroimaging techniques in animal models.
  • Study of synergistic interactions between opioids and monoamines in depressive disorders using different experimental models of depression.
  • Neurohistochemical markers in chronic pain models, their modification by antidepressants and their distribution in brain regions related to pain and depression (galanin, glutamate and gaba receptors mrnas).
  • Effects of psychopharmaceuticals on mu-opioid receptor knockout and nfat knockout mice by means of animal models of depression and pain.
  • Use of semi-synthetic and plant-derived natural products as psychopharmaceuticals and/or analgesics.
  • Effectiveness and mechanisms of action of antidepressants in treating symptoms of pain in depression and other neurological-related diseases.

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