CCMAR – Centre of Marine Sciences

Adelino Canário

+351 289800925

  • A. the study of marine biodiversity and ecosystems, integrating research to provide a sound scientific basis for assessment, management and policy related with marine ecosystems. This includes:
    • Characterizing the composition, abundance and distribution of the national marine biodiversity,
    • Monitoring and studying coastal and estuarine ecosystem functioning, and long-term changes in marine communities and habitats to determine the impacts of climate change and local human action;
    • Studying the genetics, population biology, ecology and recruitment of ecologically and commercially important species;
    • Determining the impacts of fishing at different levels, from genetics to ecosystems;
    • Investigating physiological adaptations of marine organisms
  • B. Environmental chemistry and toxicology
    • Studying how does the chemical composition of a medium influence the responses of an organism in contact with it; and how do organisms affect the chemical composition of the surrounding medium?
  • C. Biology and Marine Biotechnologies
    • Extending fundamental knowledge about marine organisms at a molecular to whole organism level and across the evolutionary scale.

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