CEI·MAR is an active institution in the Erasmus+ program, both in its KA1 and KA2 Actions. Ongoing projects are the following:

  • KA1 Actions (Drop-down Menu: KA103; NEPTUNE; KA107; WACOMA; MACOMA):
    • KA103 2015-16 Call (Project # 2015-1-ES01-KA103-014989): Credit Mobility for Students, and teaching and training mobility for staff and teachers. Aiming mainly but not only to master and Ph.D. mobility, European participating universities from Croatia (Libertas Business School), Italy (Ferrara), Latvia (Latvian Maritime Academy) Netherlands (Nijmegen), Polland (Academia Górtnitzo-Hutniza), Portugal (Algarve, Porto, Lusófona de Humanidades e Tecnología, de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro) are part of the project. These are mobilites beside each universities own KA103 projects.
    • KA103 2015-16 (Project # 2015-1-ES01-KA103-014989): Students Tranships “Project NEPTUNE –Networking Promoting and TUNning Education around the sea”.
    • KA107 2015-16 Call (Project # 2015-1-ES01-KA107-015455): Credit Mobility for students, and teaching and training mobility for staff and teachers with Argelia (Université D’Orán, Université 20 Aout 1995 – Skikda) and Morocco (Université Abedelmalek Essaadi –member of CeiMar- and Université Internationale de Rabat).
    • JEMD in Water and Coastal MAnagment. Leaded by UCA and participated with the University of Algarve in the CeiMar consortium, it includes the Russian Hydrometheorological State University, which is also an associated partner of CeiMar. The JEMD WACOMA is a 24 month programme (120 ECTS) running over three periods adapted from a previous Erasmus Mundus approved in the first call of the programme in 2004 (Joint European Master in Water and Coastal Management).,erasmus-mundus%2C4~macoma%2C6
    • Joint Ph. D. in Marine and Coastal Management. The main objective of the marine and coastal management (MACOMA) proposal is the formation of 3rd cycle academic training and capacity building programme in the interdiciplinary domain of marine science under environmental and oceanography areas. The 5 full partnes institutions are coordinated by the U.Cádiz and include: U. Algarve (CeiMar, PT), U. Aveiro (PT), U. Bolonia (IT) and RSHU (CeiMar partner, RU).,1,macoma-erasmus-mundus-ph-d-in-marine-and-coastal-management

  • KA2 Actions (Drop-down menu: CORSAIRE):
    • Capacity Building CORSAIRE (under evaluation): leaded by the Univesity of Brest and participated by UCA and the CeiMar Foundation is currently under evaluation by the EC.

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