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book-online-tagThe interest of the scientific community in the UCADIZ vessel, and the diversity and distribution of points of interest, make that allocation and preparation of campaigns a complex task. Taken in consideration the variety of applicants, their equipment and their support the planning of activities requires a high degree of coordination of all stakeholders. The commission for coordination and organization of activity needs many details of the campaign in order to do a adequate use of the Oceanographic vessel UCADIZ.
In this sense, a telematic application is designed. This will reveal the needed of the vessel and it will allow the development of a UCADIZ calendar.
When making the request for the ship UCADIZ time, the applicant agrees and undertakes to:

– Collaborate with the Monitoring Committee and other support units in the preparation of the campaign.

– To record the support of the University of Cadiz and CEIMAR on the results of the project or report (publications, etc.) and any dissemination and disclosure related.

– Provide the Monitoring Committee, immediately after the completion of the campaign, a campaign report sent to the Secretary of the Commission and a list with the metadata obtained there.

– All reports, posters, publications, books, etc., in which data are reflected in the ship must necessarily include the project reference ERDF UNCA13-1E-2090..

The Request must be made with at least 12 months before the campaign CLICK HERE.

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