CEIMAR European Projects

Here are listed the CEIMAR European Projects in which are participating companies since 2012. The rest of European Projects can be found in Research section:


FP7 Y H2020 Projects with companies

Main Researcher Referencia convocatoria Title Start End Subprogram Summary
Manuel Manchado Campaña MARIE SKLODOWSKA-CURIE RESEARCH AND INNOVATION STAFF EXCHANGE (RISE) – H2020 ALGAE4A-B (ALGAE for Aquaculture and Beauty) 2016 2018 H2020-MSCA-RISE The multidisciplinary project combines basic and applied research in the field of omics, biochemistry and applied biotechnology technologies, enabling the industry microalgae get access to alternative markets
Jesús Morales Cañavete PROYECTO SAFI FP7 SPACE 2013 Development of products from catch data and satellite data useful for fisheries management 2013 2016 FP 7 SPACE 2013 The aim of SAFI project is to exploit the resources of Earth Observation to promote aquaculture and fisheries industries in marine coastal regions.
Gabriel Acien Fernández RETO SOCIAL 3 – H2020 RED-HEAT-TO-POWER. Conversion of Low Grade Heat to Power throughclosed-loop Reverse Electro-Dialysis



2015 2019 H2020-LCE-01-2014 The concept is based on the generation of electricity from salinity gradients using electrodialysis Reversa with artificial saline solutions operating in a closed circuit



Juan Antonio López Ramírez PE / M7-NMP-SMALL / PR / 2007-168 Fouling resistant ceramic honeycomb nanofilters for efficient water treatment. 2012 2015 M7-NMP-SMALL The main objective of the project is the development of a nanofiltration membrane ceramic honeycomb, with increased membrane area up to 25 m2.
Juan Manuel Dodero Beardo CIP-ICT-PSP.2011.2.4 – elearning Open Discovery Space: A socially-powered and multilingual open learning infrastructure to boost the adoption of eLearning resources 2012 2015 CIP Open Discovery Space is intended to serve as a catalyst for use, adoption, exchange and re-definition of the basis of existing educational content.


Domingo Cantero Moreno PE / M7-SME-3 / PR / 2007-186 Development of an efficient oxygen elimination technology for reducing oxygen content in landfill gas for fuel quality



2013 2016 FP7-SME-3 The use and operation of processing plants landfill gas report (less dependence on energy sources from outside) economic benefits (energy saving, expansion of technological market), environmental (increased rate of renewable energy) and politicians for society European.
Sergio Ignacio Molina Rubio PE / H2020-EC-MSCA / PR / 2013-047 PROMIS (Postgraduate Research on Dilute Metamorphic Nanostructures and Metamaterials
in Semiconductor Photonics)http://www.physics.lancs.ac.uk/promis/
2015 2018 H2020-EC-MSCA-ITN PROMIS seeks to train the next generation of researchers Photonics in the wide range of skills required for a career in multidisciplinary and focused on photonics industry.
Daniel Araújo Gay PE / H2020-SC-SCEE-RETO SOCIAL 3/ PR / 2013-054 Green Electronics with Diamond Power Devices



2015 2019 LCE-01-2014 The aim of the project is the improvement of electronic devices through efficient transmission and conversion of low carbon electricity
Jorge Casillas Barranquero European Commission H2020-MSCA-RISE-2014 Grant no. 645694 Support tool for energy efficiency programmes in medical centres (STEER)



2014 2018 H2020-MSCA-RISE-2014 The project aims to create a tool that provides information on energy consumption to medical centers and other institutions involved in their energy efficiency programs, with the plan for reducing energy most appropriate for the medium-term.
Inés Garbayo FP7-KBBE-2012-6-singlestage SPLASH. Sustainable PoLymers from Algae Sugars and Hydrocarbons





2012 2017 FP 7 MSCA The SPLASH project develops a new industrial bioplataforma using microalgae as raw materials removable for sustainable production and recovery of oil and polysaccharides Botryococcus braunii species and subsequent conversion to renewable polymers.
Carlos Vílchez FP7-KBBE-2013-7-single-stage MIRACLES. Multi-product Integrated bioRefinery of Algae: from Carbon dioxide and Light Energy to high-value Specialties



2013 2017 FP 7 MSCA The project objective is to develop integrated solutions for the production of specialties from microalgae for use in food, aquaculture and non-food products biorefinery technologies.
Pedro Partal FP7-PEOPLE-2013-ITN SUP&R ITN. Sustainable Pavements & Railways Initial Training Network



2013 2017 FP 7 MSCA The project aims to train a new generation of researchers and multidisciplinary, able to plan sustainable European road and rail infrastructure professionals.
José María Franco FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IAPP ISSFLOW. Intelligent Structuring Systems for Complex Flowing Products 2014 2017 FP 7 MSCA ISSFLOW executes developing the fundamental understanding of complex fluids that allow the design of functional fluid gels and by developing new rheology modifiers.





Investigador principal Referencia convocatoria Título Inicio Fin Subprograma Resumen
Gabriel Acien Fernández ERANetLAC Joint Call 2014 GREENBIOREFINERY. Processing of brewery wastes with microalgae for producing valuable compounds 2015 2018 ERANET-LAC The aim of the project is the development of new strategies to generate value bioproducts integrating waste treatment of the beer industry with the production of microalgal biomass and products
Francisco Osorio Robles LIFE10 ENV/ES/511 Programa LIFE+. Environment Policy and Governance Demonstrative prevention technique eutrophication caused by agricultural nitrogen in surface waters in Mediterranean climate: EUTROMED



2011 2014 LIFE10 ENV/ES/511 EUTROMED ultimate goal is to keep the environment free of contaminants preventing water drag fertilizers to our rivers and swamps causing eutrophication.
José Miguel Nieto LIFE12 ENV/ES/000250 ETAD. Ecological Treatment of Acid Drainage



2013 2017 LIFE+ 2012 The LIFE ETAD project aims to remediate waters contaminated by mining activities through passive treatment that relies on natural water flow and biogeochemical reactions



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